Monthly Archives: February 2016


I have a confession to make.

(Deep breath)

I don’t have a regular meditation practice.


I said it.

It’s been a source of shame, even when I did my yoga teacher training and it was a “requirement” of the course, I could never bring myself to sit still, even for 10 minutes. No one was checking! It was my little secret. I am like a child, needing to fidget, feeling tense because I’m not moving, not “doing” anything.

Just this week, I discovered an app, called insight Timer, that gives me guided meditations that are as short as 1 minute.

Baby steps, people…

And you know what? I started meditating! A little bit a day. And it gets better. My 8 year old daughter likes to meditate with me! So we listen to kids guided meditations together (I wiggle around and fidget much more than she does) and it. is. so. nice.